Adorable Pug Statues & Figurine For Every Dog Lover

Pug figurine statue

My best friend dreams of getting a pug. She loves them so much that I sometimes feel that they hold a place in her heart that nothing else can come near!

At a recent party, I saw her talk about pugs with another pug fanatic, which made me realize that there are millions of people in the world who are also obsessed with pugs. And who could blame them?

With their distinctly adorable faces, and incredibly charming and friendly attitude, pugs can truly be thought of as the most lovable of dogs ever!

We came up with an ultimate gift guide for all those who adore pugs, which would definitely make hearts melt!

In our searches, we found delightful pug statues and figurines, and couldn’t help but make a list of the best ones that we could find.

These would make not just great personal gifts to give to any dog lover out there, but also can also serve to commemorate the love of the pugs who were sent heavenward too soon.

Why would one need a pug statue or figurine?

  • As a thoughtful gift to any dog lover

Having learned from experience, trust me when I say that pug statues and figurines have the power to make anyone happy.

This ornament is great for the office and home decoration, guaranteed to bring smiles to adults and children alike.

  • As a memorial for a lost pug

Connections with pugs do not die easily, and a pug figurine would be a classy way of remembering a lost friend.


What are the ideal spots to place pug statues and figurines?

  • The Outdoors

What better place to put a pug statue than outside for more people to see and be swayed by the cuteness! The best placed statues are at the external entrance of your house to greet your guests as they arrive at your door. And of course, for the open admiration of neighbors as well as all those passing by!

  • In the Garden

Amongst the bushes, next to flowers, resting at the foot of your trees, or even artfully placed by a fountain or a pond, are just a few spots of the many where your pug statue can look awesome!

Just the presence of one fun pug statue would really enliven your garden!

  • Inside your Home

Pug figurines would look great on bookshelves, desks, or even near the salt-and-pepper shakers on your kitchen counter! They are a great way to personalize your living space and make your house a home!


My checklist of the best pug statues and figurines:

1. The Best Pug Memorial Statue: Willow Tree Angels (Angel of Friendship)——“To always remember the love and friendship of your pug”.

2. The Most Illuminated Pug: SASA Inc Solar Garden – Pug with LED Lights——“The pug friend that always lights things up!”

3. Pug Garden Statues: Ebros Large Pug Greeter with Jingle Collar——“Loudly proclaim your pug craze, and let your garden do it too!”

4. Great Statue for Black Pugs: Hi-Line Gift Ltd Pug Puppy Statue for the Great Outdoors——“An outdoorsy pug which loves to greet and meet!”

5. The Finest for your Home Desk: Comfy Hour Pug Figurine (Sleeping Pug) ——“A calming presence when you work from home!”


Best Pug Statues and Figurines:

1. Willow Tree Angels (Angel of Friendship)

Show with this gift to your pug-crazy friend that their love for pugs never has to die. This hand-painted resin statue is the best pug memorial, featuring an angel with wire wings gently holding a pug.

Perfect for marking a memory, or powerful emotion, this is a thoughtful gift to give to anyone who sincerely loves their pugs.

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2. SASA Inc Solar Garden – Pug with LED Lights

This pug truly knows how to light things up! Place him in your garden and watch him bring life to your next garden party!

With a durable hand-painted exterior guaranteed to withstand the elements, and a solar power charged battery to light up the flower crown, this is one of the best pug statues ever! Sign me up for this bundle of cuteness! 

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3. Ebros Large Pug Garden Greeter Statue with Jingle Collar

Proudly bearing the sign ‘PUGS & KISSES’, this pug statue is the perfect addition to any garden! The jingling, quirky message paired with that loving smile is sure to make a wonderful gift for any dog lover.

Who could blame anyone for wanting to spend more time in the garden, just to keep this delightful pug company!

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4. Hi-Line Gift Ltd Pug Puppy Statue for the Great Outdoors

Standing tall, this pug statue looks incredibly life-like, making it not just an adorable gift, but also a memorial to any lost pug!

Made of the durable polyresin components, this pug statue is a great greeting dog to place outdoors, which would make anyone who sees it break out into a big smile!

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5. Comfy Hour Pug Figurine (Sleeping Pug)  

This endearing pug figurine makes a marvelous companion add an element of fun to any home desk!

A handcrafted dozing pug like this, reminds anyone working hard at their desk of the importance of taking things easy sometimes.

This snug pug is also a great tool to chase away those Monday blues!

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I hope this listing of pug statues and figurines was exciting as well as helpful to you! These are some of the best ways to help make places you spend time in more personal and lively.

Pug statues and figurines are also versatile in use. They can be used as wonderful gifts to give to dog lovers, and also can be used in fond memory of the pugs loved and lost.

Whatever they are used for, pug statues and figurines are truly special to own.