13 Fantastic Pug Posters For The Ultimate Room Décor

pug posters

If you love pugs and excellent home décor, you have come to the right place!

I’ve searched for the perfect pug posters to enliven your living spaces.

From colorful to quaint or even hilarious, we have pug posters to delight pug fanatics of every age!

This guide will help you get:

  • Memorable pug posters designed by famous artists for bow-wow décor
  • Oversized pug posters to cover large empty walls
  • Colorful pug posters to delight young children
  • Aesthetically pleasing vintage pug posters for those who love the classics.

This guide will help you find the perfect pug poster to suit your decorating needs!

Let’s go!


The Best Pug Posters for Home Decoration

1. Stupell Industries Pug Wall Art Poster

This amusing pug poster is made in the USA to enliven your living spaces.

Mounted on a 1.5-inch thick wooden frame and ready to hang this pug canvas is hand cut and stretched to make the perfect wall décor to fill up any empty wall spaces around the house!

Printed using high-quality lithograph prints mounted on durable MDF wood, each piece is finished by hand with freshly foiled sides for the ultimate ‘clean’ look.

Packaged with sturdy clear corners ensures that this wall poster doesn’t get damaged during transit.

The large artistic poster features an adorable pug reading a newspaper, guaranteeing it to be the focal point of any room!

How delightful!

Size: 24 x 30 inches

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2. Pug & Pug Brewing Collections Poster

Ryan Fowler carefully designed this adorable pug poster print to melt dog lover hearts everywhere!

This elegantly styled poster features two pugs balancing beer cups on their smushy noses, the perfect way to say “Cheers!”

This pug poster is digitally printed on archival photographic paper which makes this print one of exceptional detail and vibrant color.

Not just pleasing to the eyes but also incredibly easy on the wallet this pug poster is an awesome choice for décor!

Size: 11 x 14 inches

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3. TSlook Hippie Tapestry Pug Poster

This dramatic poster highlights a friendly pug with his panda friend at the beach.

The clear image is coupled with vibrant colors, making it a perfect addition to any living/family room, dorm room, or bedroom belonging to dog lovers.

Environment friendly and made without using harmful dye substances, the primary material of this pug poster is a prime quality 100% tightly woven polyester.

The texture of this pug poster is as if it were a silky satin, which makes it multi-purpose and usable as curtains, tablecloths or even as a cover blanket.

It should be noted that no hardware is included in the package.

Size: 40 x 60 inches

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4. Three Pugs in a Canoe Vintage Pug Print Poster

This super-fun pug trio poster has a vintage setting to delight dog lovers who adore a traditional aesthetic.

This pug poster has undergone a strict quality assurance check before packaging, to ensure that only the best posters reach the customers.

This pug poster is a fantastic present to give to any dog lover as it brings a unique touch to living spaces.

Size: 12 x 12 inches

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5. 7Dots Art: Fun Pug Poster

Get a ‘whole’ in one with this delightfully complete pug poster package!

The hand-painted pug picture is printed using modern HD museum quality equipment to ensure detail and finesse that would excite young pug fans!

This pug poster successfully replicates the feeling of the original masterpiece by using a thick structured 300gsm watercolor paper.

The colorful poster is full delightful things to captivate the young, ranging from a fun pug amongst sparkles, donuts, bright colors, while wearing adorable bunny ears!

Size: 8 x 10 inches

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How To Decide On The Ultimate Pug Poster

Selecting a fun pug poster can be exciting, but before buying it’s essential to check for:

  • Color

Ideal wall art should be in sync with the general room coloring and design to ensure that the right amount of attention is given to your adorable pug poster.

Navy blue walls are great to set off contrasting colored posters ranging from yellows to reds in the color spectrum.

Colorful posters pop on neutral-colored walls (whites, beiges, etc.), brightening the room.

Take care not to use too many colors in one room.

  • Size

Pug poster prints are available in various sizes. Choose one that fits perfectly to empty spaces to ensure your room looks balanced and well-proportioned.

  • Theme adapts

Your chosen pug posters should be well integrated to your general house theme, including design and color schemes.

Muted themes are set off by bold pug posters while loud themes sometimes need a calming print of a sleeping pug to make the room more relaxing.

It is important to buy the pug posters that perfectly suit your decorating and aesthetic needs.

This guide is meant to help you find the best one.


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