Pug Ornaments: Best Holiday and Christmas Decorations

pug ornaments

Spending approximately 32 hours searching for the best pug ornaments, I’ve got a list of ornaments to help decorate your holidays and Christmas!

With materials ranging from glass to resin, either hand-painted or industrially printed, there is a pug for every hearthrug!

My favorite is the E&S Pets: Pug Christmas Ornament. It is not just affordable, but also lightweight, shatterproof, and can be used each year to create more memories!

I found this to be the best bang for your buck, but there are many other fantastic options to choose from!

Let’s go and check them out!


Pug Ornament Types and Sizes

1. Pug Ornament Types

There are multiple varieties of pug ornaments to help bring the season’s festivities to your home!

  • Ball ornaments

Spherical shaped and usually adorned with a ribbon, these baubles can be made of glass, plastic, or even resin coated.

  • Figurine ornaments

Usually made of glass, plastic, porcelain, etc., these are realistic miniature pugs with strings to help hang them around.

  • Personalized ornaments

These can be ball or figurine ornaments with options to customize memorable names, dates or sayings.

Whatever their shape, pug ornaments are fun additions to the holiday scene!

2. Pug Ornament Sizes

Choose the perfect size to ensure your pug ornaments don’t look out of place!

  • Small: less than 2.5 inches
  • Medium: between 2.5 to 7 inches
  • Large: 7 inches or more

Pro tip: larger ornaments are more prominent, and can be better for memorializing lost pugs.


Things to Consider Before Buying Pug Ornaments

To ensure the ornaments you get are the finest in your range, it is essential to ask yourself these questions before purchasing:

  • Material Type

Ornaments should suit your household type.

Glass or ceramic ornaments are charming, but can be impractical in a house with young children!

In such cases, shatterproof ornaments are a better choice.

  • Color Scheme

Ornaments can help set a mood and style.

Warmer colored ornaments suit darker trees, while lighter leaves best set off lighter toned ornaments.

  • Themes

Ornaments help set holiday themes such as ‘Winter Wonderland’, and ‘Christmas in Hollywood’, etc.

Decide which theme you want to portray and go for it!

Pug ornaments truly have versatile uses!


Greatest Pug Ornaments For The Holiday Season

1. E&S Pets: Pug Christmas Ornament

This gorgeous pug ball ornament is unforgettable in its charm and is one of the most durable pieces around.

Coated with a premium quality resin, this shatterproof ornament can brave rough handling, and can be used to bring cheery Christmas vibes for many years to come!

Though the pug picture is pre-printed, one can personalize this ornament by using an art pen to add text to it!

Being just 0.6 ounces heavy, you can add more of these ornaments to your tree without weighing it down!

Reasonably priced coming in a beautiful box, while sporting a vibrant bow, this pug ornament is a fantastic gift choice!

Material: Resin

Size: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Package: Elegantly boxed

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2. Old World Christmas Ornaments: Holly Hat Glass Pug

Have a ‘Merry Pug-mas’ with this traditionally handcrafted pug ornament, featuring a quirky pug sporting a holly hat!

Made using a perfected technique from the 1800s, where molten glass is mouth-blown into well-crafted moulds this ornament is sure to jazz-up any Christmas tree!

In a multi-step process, this ornament is carefully hand-painted then decorated with glitter, ready to twinkle with Christmas cheer!

Delivered in a Christmas-themed box, makes this pug ornament fit to gift to any dog lover around!

Material: Glass

Size: 3.5 x 2 x 1.5 inches

Package: A Printed Cardboard Box

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3. Design Toscano: Pug Christmas Ornament

This pug is realistically depicted from all angles wearing an adorable Christmas hat and scarf.

This ornament, weighing four ounces, is not a cheap lightweight to hang from your tree!

Santa’s elves outdid themselves, making this high-quality hand-cast pug ornament using genuine crushed stones bonded with designer resin.

What a way to honor your loyal pug pal while also spreading Christmas cheer!

Recognizing your need for the best this ornament can be returned for a refund/exchange within 60 days of purchase.

Material: Polyresin

Size: 1.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches

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4. Pet Gifts USA: Hanging How-liday Pug Ornament

Double the holiday excitement with this sturdy two-sided porcelain pug ornament!

Generating chuckles with its bold and endearing message reading: ‘Dear Santa, Define Naughty’, this pug expands the realms of fun!

Coming with a free hanging tie and weighing a total 1.6 ounces, this pug ornament is great to hang on any tree size without fear of it being too heavy to hold up!

With its excellent craftsmanship, this ornament celebrates pug love with a bow-wow!

Material: Chinese Porcelain

Size: approximately 3 inches wide

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5. Personalized Pug: Christmas tree Ornament

This adorable pup would lift any grieving hearts with its dangling legs and head poking from a Christmas wreath!

Dog lovers can pay tribute to their pugs for no additional charge with the personalization option available for putting a name, year or even a sentiment on the ornament.

Carefully hand-painted with realistic pug features, and coming with a ribbon loop to hang easily on the Christmas tree, this large pug ornament helps warm hearts and make the season more festive!

While placing the order, please be careful with spellings and dates, as changes can’t be made once the order has been placed.

Material: Polyresin

Size: 2.75 x 0.5 x 4.75 inches

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1. Do Pug Ornaments Make Good Gifts?

Pug Ornaments are super gift choices, adorably spreading cheer.

Options to personalize the ornaments are available which make them even more thoughtful to gift.

2. What Are Decorating Tips For Christmas Ornaments?

Tinsel-style decorations make awesome bases for your tree.

Pair them with ball ornaments to keep things classic, and holiday-shaped ornaments for a touch of tradition!

Hanging figurines add a ‘bow-wow’ factor to charm all ages.

Also, make sure you add a fun tree topper!



Pug ornaments are shiny, quirky, and can induce Christmas cheer and chuckles!

Buy them for yourselves or for dog fanatics like yourself, and stay pug-tastically happy!