5 Pug Mugs to Gift any Pug Lover

pug mugs

I’m known as a bit of a Pug Enthusiast, and recently for my birthday I got a pug mug present, which I absolutely LOVED! Not only was it fun to look at, it was a perfect companion to my morning coffee!

I loved it so much that I searched for more pug mugs to liven up my coffee time. Here are five of my favorite pug mugs that would make any pug devotee, whether it’s your partner, BFF, parent, or grandparent, really happy and cheerful.

Amazing Pug Pajamas & Pants for Relax and Comfort

pug pajamas and pants

As a person who absolutely loves pugs, I was recently gifted a set of pug pajamas, and instantly decided that it was the next big thing!

I had never had pajamas featuring pugs and thought they were not just cute but very comfortable.

I thought to do a search to find more pug pants and pajamas to add to my collection.

Pug pajamas are not just very cozy, but also are great fun to look at!

The Best Pug Sweaters for Warmth & Style

pug sweaters

When the temperatures dropped, I noticed my pug shivering and curling into a ball.

I knew someone who put a sweater on her pug to help her keep warm, and I thought to do the same.

My search showed that the best sweaters for pugs are those which keep a balance between warmth and style, and also ensure that the pug can move without feeling restricted and uncomfortable.

Style may be important, but comfort is key, especially as the pugs would wear the sweaters for as long as the cold spell lasts!

Adorable Pug Statues & Figurine For Every Dog Lover

Pug figurine statue

My best friend dreams of getting a pug. She loves them so much that I sometimes feel that they hold a place in her heart that nothing else can come near!

At a recent party, I saw her talk about pugs with another pug fanatic, which made me realize that there are millions of people in the world who are also obsessed with pugs. And who could blame them?

5 Best Brushes For Pugs to Take Care of Stubborn Shedding

best brush for pugs

There is no denying that a pug is one of the most adorable breeds around.

But you may not feel so strongly about that when you’re picking fur off your clothes at work.

Fawn pugs, like my pug Sid,  have a double-coat, which means they shed constantly.

Brushing your dog regularly can take care of the bulk of the hair issue.

I nibbed around to find the best brush for pugs.

Let’s talk about why brushing is an integral part of routine care and what brushes do the job.