Pug Necklaces to Celebrate and Commemorate any Loved Dog

pugs necklace

In my experience I have noticed that one can’t help but feel closer to one’s pug, while wearing a pug necklace.

With the available options to personalizing one’s pug necklaces, pug-adorers now have a way to always have their pugs near them!

I thought to make a checklist of the best pug necklaces for the enjoyment and guidance of all those pug-lovers who want something extra to remember and celebrate their pugs!

Can A Pug’s Eye Pop Out? (What To Do And How To Avoid It!)

It looks like a scene from a horror movie.

One second your pup is out playing, going about its day like any other. The next, one of its eyes is out where it shouldn’t be, practically hanging down its face.

It sounds surreal, but these things actually happen. It’s called eye proptosis, and while it constitutes an emergency, it doesn’t have to end badly if you know how to respond.

Here is everything you need to know about proptosis and what to do when a pug eye pops out.

Most Pug-Tastic Christmas Cards for Spreading Holiday Cheer

Last year for Christmas I received a truly ‘Puggly’ Christmas card from my brother, who like me, shares a great love for Pugs!

The cute Pug on the cover made me feel so happy that this year I decided to make my Christmas cards Pug-themed, to spread the holiday cheer with a side of extra-cuteness!

I compiled a list of the five most adorable Pug Christmas cards that would be treasured by any Pug loving recipient on your checklist!

The Must-Have Pug Jewelry to Fashionably Style All Ages

pug jewelry

I’m obsessed with pugs, and not afraid to show that to the world!

I pair all of my outfits with a quirky piece of pug jewelry before setting out for the day’s work.

I just think that pug jewelry is too cute to resist!I’m always on the hunt for cute pug jewelry, and it surprises me to see how much is available online.

Gone But Never Forgotten: Pug Urns To Remember The Best

pug urns

When ‘Maggi’ passed away, My mother was heartbroken. It’s been 12 years since she has spent with Maggi. To help her cope, I went on a mission to find the best Pug urns to help memorialize Maggi.

Here are the Pug urns that warmed my heart. I hope these bring comfort to any Pug-lover who grieves for their Pug-friend.