Best Belly Band For Pugs: In-Depth Buying Guide [2021]

best belly bands for pugs

Is your pug having problems not being able to hold it all in?

If they’re having trouble with incontinence or excited urinating, belly bands may give you the answer you seek.

I haven’t had this issue yet with Sid, but I thought it was a super resourceful area to touch on if you have a pug in need.

I didn’t even know until recently that there was a solution for incontinence issues.

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Best Dog Beds for Pugs You’ll Love [2021 Review]

best dog beds for pugs

I can’t speak for your pug, but Sid absolutely adores being as cozy as possible.

For a guy who sleeps as frequently as he does, it makes sense!

Buying the best dog beds for pugs doesn’t have to be a task.

I want to go over what to look for when you make your purchase.

Plus, I handpicked three great beds that will allow your pug to lounge in comfort.

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The Best Diet for Pugs: What to Feed Pugs [A Healthy Guide]

pug diet

Pugs will probably tell you that they need to help you eat your cheeseburger, but don’t listen to those pleading eyes.

Because pugs can have a wide range of dietary sensitivities, it’s crucial to know what to keep away from them and what to add to their diets.

In order to find the best diet for Pugs, I wanted to expand on how to keep your pug their healthiest – nutritionally speaking—so they can have a long, ailment-free life.

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Best Life Jacket for Pugs: Top Picks in 2021

best life jackets for pugs

The term “doggy paddle” was inspired by our canines, but let’s face it—some dogs are stronger swimmers than others.

If your pug is like mine, they prefer floating to laborious swims. But even if your little one loves the water, it’s best to keep them safe.

Whether you want a safety precaution for trips or one to keep your pug afloat in deep water, I rounded up five of the best life jackets for pugs on the market.

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