Best Dog Collar for Sensitive Skin and Necks

Best Dog Collar for Sensitive Skin and NecksCollars continually lay around your dog’s neck, which can be a big problem if your dog is allergic.

Maybe you’ve noticed some itching, hair loss, or overall irritation.

If you have a pooch with sensitive skin or neck, you’re in the right place.

Learning the types of materials that will keep your dog in tip-top shape is crucial.

Let’s go over what options you have as well as the best dog collars for sensitive skin and necks.

Best Dog Food for High Triglycerides| Low Fat Food for Dogs

Best Dog Food for High Triglycerides

Just like us, canines have health issues sometimes. If your vet has thrown around terms like “high triglyceride”, you’re probably trying to educate yourself as much as possible.

I’m sure you know by now that diet is the primary key to getting triglycerides within a normal range.

Best Dog Collar/Harnesses for Tie Outs: Reviews in [2022]

dog collar & harness for tie outs

Let’s face it—sometimes, taking your dog out can be tedious. Tie-outs can be a perfect way to get your dog outside when you don’t have the time.

But while they’re outside, you want to know your dog is safe and sound.

Buying a harness (instead of a dog collar) can work beautifully to secure the dog while giving them some freedom to roam.

Let’s learn about the best dog harness for tie-outs and take a peek at my top five favorites.

The Best Mulch for Dogs: Safe Pet Bedding [2022]

Gardening and dogs don’t always mix.

Not only can your four-legged friend rip up your hard work, they can also suffer some pretty serious consequences if you use mulch that is toxic to dogs.

If you want a lovely outdoor aesthetic while keeping your dog safe from harm, check out my list of the best mulch for dogs.

Also, learn what to look out for so you can avoid harmful outcomes or vet visits.

5 Best Dog Bowls that Cannot Be Tippped Over [2022]

Dogs can be downright messy at dinner time.

Some of them are clumsy, while others attack their food bowl like it’s running prey.

Needless to say, they don’t have the best table manners.

If you’re looking for a solution to kibble and dribble everywhere, consider a non-tip bowl.

Take a peek at my list of dog bowls that can’t be tipped over.