Adorable Pug Pillow Cases To Decorate Living Spaces

pug pillow cases

I’ve spent 22 hours searching for Pug pillow cases to find the best one for you!

Ranging from cotton, microfiber, to even linen materials, all are of the highest quality, as well as machine washable for your convenience!

I like HGOD DESIGNS: Pug Pillow Case the most! This is a luxurious pillowcase, printed on both sides and is loved by people of all ages for its comfort and style!

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Pug Stuffed Toys For The Best Cuddles

Pug Stuffed Toys

I spent 32 hours finding the ideal pug stuffed toy to keep you company!

From giant ‘stuffies’ to smaller ones to fit in arm crooks, there are enough choices to match your comfort and cuteness needs.

My top pick is the Disney Bingo Plush: Small Pug Pal, which balances a classic cuteness that appeals to both young and old pug fanatics!

The embroidered detail makes this one want to collect, but also cuddle and cherish!

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Pug Calendars 2021: for All Dog Lovers

pug calendars

Having spent a solid 20 hours researching pug calendars, I’ve constructed a list of the best around!

To adorn desks or for hanging on empty walls, these pug calendars have different layouts and sizes to suit different people, but all are of high quality and made to stand out!

I recommend the Doug the Pug- Wall Calendar, featuring one of the most playful and popular pugs around!

Offering more than 12 months of organized bliss, this high-quality calendar is rivaled by few!

While it’s the most adorable I found, there are some other fantastic options to fit your wall and desks in this list.

Let’s dive in…

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Fashion-Forward Pug Earrings for the Fabulous Look

Pugs earrings

My love for earrings is only matched by my love for pugs! Pug earrings are a perfect blend of both.

I have noticed that pug earrings make really cute additions to one’s wardrobe.

They don’t just make one look stylish and trendy, but also are a loud celebration of the love for pugs!

At a recent party, many people asked me about where I find my pug earrings, and I thought of making a list of the best pug earrings that I’ve come across!

I hope my fellow dog-lovers enjoy this checklist as much as I enjoyed making it!

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