Are Pugs Hypoallergenic? [Will They Have You Sneezing?]

If you’re thinking about getting a Pug of your own but are prone to allergies you’re probably wondering if a Pug is right for you.

Choosing a pet that fits your lifestyle and health requirements is super important both for their quality of life and yours.

Do Pugs Drool? Why and When It’s Cause for Concern

Has your Pug suddenly started drooling all over the place? Or are you, perhaps, thinking of getting a Pug for the first time?

Whatever your current situation, nobody likes an overly-drooly companion.

So do Pugs drool?

Do Pugs Smell? Why Do Pugs Stink and What To Do?

Noticed any Pug odor around the house? Found yourself wondering, why do Pugs stink? If you’re concerned about your Pugs repertoire of smells, you’ve come to the right place.

I don’t want a case of the stinks getting in the way of you and your pet. I’m going to settle the score.

Do Pugs smell?

How whiffy is too whiffy?

And what can you do to keep your pooch fresh and smelling like roses?

Can You Shave A Pug? Find Out The Truth Here

Keeping your Pug cool in summer is challenging. Especially as Pugs already struggle with temperature regulation. Pug shaving is a controversial topic. Researching this practice can lead to confusing results.