Newborn Baby Pugs Grow Up + Care Tips for Baby Pugs

Baby pugs grow up

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If you’re thinking of adding a pug puppy to your family you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll be providing a comprehensive lowdown on pug care from the get-go.

We will be covering everything from prenatal care to birth and moving your baby pug home.

Stay tuned for tips and tricks that will help you navigate the joys and challenges of pug care.

So, let’s get started with the first step in a newborn baby pug pup’s life.


How Much a Pug Should Weigh & What To Do If They’re Overweight

As a pug owner, it’s normal to be worried about your pug being overweight.

Pugs are heavy eaters and lazy dogs, so it’s easy for them to become obese.

However, it’s normal to think that your pug is overweight when they’re not because of their unique shape.

If you want to know the ideal weight of a pug, signs that your pug is obese, how to help a pug maintain a healthy weight, among other things; be our guest.

Why Do Pugs Shed So Much? (5 Best Ways Eliminate Shedding)

pug shedding

Pugs make out-of-this-world sweet, laid-back, gentle companions. But before you decide on getting a pug, you should make sure they fit your lifestyle, your needs, and your wants.

One question that begs an answer is, do pugs shed?

In this article, we’ll be answering:

  • Do Pugs shed and why they shed a lot
  • How much do pugs shed
  • How to reduce Pug shedding
  • And more

Let’s dive in…